1. What are the benefits of an FPAR member working for me?

Generally speaking, but not exclusively, the FPAR membership is made up of the smaller research companies in the industry, all of whom have had to pass an online assessment of professional competency to become members. Due to reduced overheads in the way of office buildings, employees etc, smaller companies are able to work on a lower profit margin and can commonly offer more competitive commission rates, or hourly rates for commissioned work. With regard to commission rates, FPAR considers that rates of 20%-25% are reasonable although market forces and particular circumstances can drive rates down in some instances. Rates above this level are considered excessive.  Many larger research companies are also registered for VAT, meaning that a further 20% will be payable by the client on the commission element of their fees.

As with all industries - the smaller the company, the more personal the service.  Not only could this deliver a better customer experience and accountability but can be especially important in this industry where incredibly sensitive and personal situations can be involved. Although potentially dealing with a smaller company, the FPAR membership assures our clients that there is no loss of professionalism and integrity.


2. What if I have a complaint about an FPAR member?

If you have a complaint about an FPAR member, feel free to contact FPAR who will be pleased to approach your researcher for clarification on any points or offer mediation where necessary. Please do try to contact and liaise with your FPAR member first to resolve any issues.